What is CINCH? Cinch is a movement.
It’s more than a belt company…. it’s a way of thinking.

Cinch was created to do one thing - empower women to feel confident. Cause we all know when we feel confident, we hold our heads higher, we think bigger and we truly impact communities.

We invited 50 of the most CONFIDENT women in Hawaii to get styled out in a Cinch belt at our inaugural Cinch shoot. As you can imagine, the buzz was AMAZING. There’s something really powerful about a room full of generous, thought-provoking, CONFIDENT women coming together to DO GOOD.

And that’s exactly how Cinch was created - with the divine thought that confident women all over the world could share their “cinch” moments to fuel and exude confidence in the next generation of leaders. Yes, at the very core, Cinch is a belt… but it’s also an experience, a story, and a movement.


Have a question? Contact us at hello@yaycinch.com.